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How I Stumbled Upon A Life Of Travel

Just a few years ago I spent my days sat behind a desk in a dark, dusty office twiddling my thumbs between typing up the occasional document. I was so. Read More.

From Blog to Business – 5 good tips to make it happen

We were recently approached by tech giant Huawei about their current campaign for the new MateBook, where it’s all about the new style of business in our city. The MateBook. Read More.

I started a company while traveling – this is what happened next

Even though I had always very much enjoyed my more or less steady job (which involved a lot of travelling, and definitely was no 9-5 job, but still…) and love. Read More.

My Path from College to 9-to-5, and back again

When I was in college, I was often told that I should find a good job after graduation and make a career out of it. I heard it so many. Read More.

Why I decided to ditch my life as an executive and travel more deeply

“Hello. Michael. Hello. Can you hear me? Hello?” That was me – on a satellite phone in my tent in the Bhutanese Himalayas – calling an investment banking colleague back. Read More.