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This new app feature connects travelers in the most beautiful way

Have you ever been on a cruise? Despite my job as a professional traveler, it took me 34 years, basically half a life, to go on my first cruise. I. Read More.

The truth about traveling with a baby – All questions answered

When I said I wanted to travel with Nolan – who was six months old at the time – as soon as he had his vaccinations, I was called crazy,. Read More.

How to travel India during the Summer

Exploring India during the summer can be a richly rewarding and life-affirming experience. Sure there may be some challenges like the midday heat, monsoon rains and muddy roads, but if. Read More.

Do it like a Travel Blogger: Travel Tips for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka sure is on my bucket list – after a month of featuring articles and photos from the island on our blog and social channels, I know for sure. Read More.

4 Strategies to Change the Way you Travel Forever

I found myself wishing, praying, someone would tell me what the next step was. There were a million different jobs I could apply for, a million different cities to live. Read More.