Every now and again, we introduce you to our 10 favourite new or newly discovered Instagrammers. Who managed to inspire us, make us laugh, think, cry? Or all of the above? So here is the latest list of our favorite Instagrams from this summer.

1. Jules Villbrandt

Jules Villbrandt may well have Berlin’s prettiest apartment and I don’t say that lightly! Speaking of light, her beautifully bright and clean signature style may make you a little jealous but most of all, it will inspire you to find the quiet and simple in an otherwise busy world.

How cool is that @instagramde featured me on their account! ??????

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Today we have a dinner with @archive_mag ? #archivedinner

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2. Kim Keever

Ready for what is probably my favourite Insta account ever? Kim Keever pours paint and ink into 200-gallon aquarium and these are the results. Mindblowing, eh?

Abstract 20528, 28×36″, 44×58″, 2015, www.kimkeever.com

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Abstract 25124, 28×37″, 44×59″, 2016

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3. Jennifer Burtchen

Jennifer Burtchen’s illustrations of mountain tops are out of this world. Whenever life gets tough, just imagine you’re somewhere in her paintings and everything will be ok. Also check out this stunning Ignant piece.


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Und nochmal @ignant ?

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4. Karolin Kluppel

Karolin Kluppel is an award-winning photographer and her portraits from faraway places not only tell numerous stories at once, but you can virtually feel her deep connection to each subject. Serious photography goals!

At the river. #Madchenland #Kingdomofgirls #karolinklueppel

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Yasmin holding a rooster. #Madchenland #Kingdomofgirls #karolinklueppel

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5. Kayley Vandenberg

Kayley Vandenberg’s feed is pure poetry. On her blog The Year of Work, she shares some of the struggles and achievements of dedicating her days to writing and to feeling as alive as possible. This is the quote that keeps her going and that’s too beautiful to not share it as well:

“The year of letting go, of understanding loss. grace. Of the word ‘no’ and also being able to say ‘you are not kind’. The year of humanity/humility. When the whole world couldn’t get out of bed. Everyone I’ve met this year, says the same thing ‘you are so easy to be around, how do you do that?’. The year I broke open and dug out all the rot with my own hands. I year I learnt small talk. And how to smile at strangers. The year I understood that I am at my best when I reach out and ask ‘do you want to be my friend?’. The year of sugar, everywhere. Softness. Sweetness. Honey honey. The year of being alone, and learning how much I like it. The year of hugging people I don’t know, because I want to know them. The year I made peace and love, right here.” (Warsan Shire)

sur.ren.der s?’rend?r/ verb abandon oneself entirely to (a powerful emotion or influence); give in to.

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"I just want to know if the stars are looking back. I want to know if we taught them about love. I want to know if we taught them about fear. I can’t bear thinking that they might be out there and disappointed in us, watching us learn the wrong lessons from them–looking up and thinking that the heat is the important thing. It’s never been about the heat. It’s always been about gravity. About things coming together even if it might kill them. That’s the thing about stars. Close enough, they can’t help drifting together, getting locked in galaxies, letting themselves be drawn into black holes. I know I couldn’t really but I think I get how that feels. What that’s like. I hope the stars know I see the bright heat and the stoic helplessness and I get it. I’m full of it like carbon, full of it like phosphorous. All I’ve got is this fragile body but I get it. I get it." — Elisabeth Hewer • Photo by @thebryandale

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6. Story of Egypt

You know I’ve got a big love for the Middle East, right? Well, @storyofegypt does too and amazes me with daily reminders why the region is so rich in every way. It tells stories of community, friendship, architecture and the blessing that is a daily routine.

Souq Gouma on a 40?C day in April. By @brianwertheim

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In the market–Daraw, Egypt. May 2014. #contax645 #upperegypt

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7. Rona Keller

Rona is one of the very first photographers I stumbled upon years ago on DeviantART. Haha, anyone remember that!? I’ve been following her beautiful (film and digital) work ever since. Her images feel like a never-ending Indian summer, go follow that grrrl!

one of my favourite film photos as a birthday present for the two who are in it – I took it a year ago when Julian and Sandra came to visit us in Berlin ?

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evening view into my room

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8. Bon Iver

Oh my, Bon Iver. This might be a strange addition to this list but Justin Vernon’s latest creation “22” has been a revelation to say the least. The new album “22, A Million” will be released on September 30 and boy, do these illustrations help make the wait as pleasant as possible.

1000000 Million

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29 #Strafford APTS

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9. Lauren Randolph

Need some colour and spice in your life and feed? Well, look no further. Lauren Randolph is the queen of the bright, the quirky and the heartwarming.

Can’t be bummed in Berlin during the Summer. ?

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10. Liv Purvis

Liv is a London-based fashion blogger and an absolute babe! She’s super talented at baking, taking photographs during her travels, documenting the best London has to offer and is also a walking outfit inspiration.

Afternoons spent at sea with this (big) little guy and co. ? @reggielalonde (extra special edit c/o @justabitofjacob)

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My reward for a 2 hour yoga class this morning at @soulshinesoulla retreats (I promise it’s a justified pool shot)… ??? #whereoliviawent

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Who are your favourite Instagrammers? Let us know below!