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Hiking and Feasting in Bolzano: A Four Course Menu

I never knew what the buzz was all about. Katja and Kathi have been hooked on South Tyrol for a while and I refused to believe it would be all. Read More.

A Vintage-Style British Afternoon Tea

If someone who had never been to England were to make a montage of typically British experiences, I can just imagine what it might involve (cue a mish-mash of red. Read More.

Berlin’s best ice-cream parlors

It is June, so summer is finally here – at least if you live in the northern hemisphere. It might not seem like summer has reached all of Europe yet;. Read More.

16 Dutch Foods You Must Try

Before we get started on the different Dutch foods you have to try during a visit to my adopted country of the Netherlands, I would like to ask you to. Read More.

Fashion and Food – Antwerp’s Top 10

Some places you instantly like even if you arrive tired and, in my case with Antwerp, wet. Antwerp is one of these cities where I felt instantly at home and. Read More.