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9 Travel Bloggers Spill their Beauty Secrets

While some people can’t wait to go on a holiday, wear Thai pants all day and stop spending half an hour styling their hair each morning, others want to keep. Read More.

This might be the Best Reason to Visit Canada in 2017

I said before, and I’m proud to say it again: I love Canada. There is hardly a country so vast and diverse that holds a bigger space in my heart.. Read More.

10 Female Instagrammers that make you want to go to Scotland

Finding reasons to go to Scotland is not hard at all. Be it for the natural beauty of the Western Isles, a monster hunt in the Highlands, the almost-tropical beaches. Read More.

20 Awesome Travel Tips for Rome

I can imagine being in a relationship with me can’t always be easy – I’m the girl who always travels. Even though I’m doing a full-time PhD and have several. Read More.

10 Awesome Traveletty Christmas Gifts for Travelers

With Thanksgiving almost out of the way and winter frost creeping into our cars and houses, it has become inevitable not to think about Christmas. Where can we plan a. Read More.

How A Food Tour can be the Key to Understanding a Culture

For some people food is a mere means to fill their bellies in order to keep going on with their busy sightseeing schedules. Or maybe they have a list of. Read More.

8 Awesome Coffee Shops in Toronto

When I travel to a new city and decide to spend an extended time there in order to get a better feel for it, finding awesome coffee shops is an. Read More.

6 Reasons to Be a Morning Person when you Travel

Every day my first alarm goes off at 7.05am – not the earliest, I know, but early as f*** for me. Of course I don’t get up at 7.05am though.. Read More.

101 little Habits that make you a Better Traveler

When it comes to travel, there is of course no right and wrong. Everybody has their own way of experiencing the world. They set their own pace and are interested. Read More.

The Travelettes Guide to Toronto

Toronto had been on my bucket list for a very long time – the film festival, the beaches of Lake Ontario, the bustling food scene and the internationality of Canada’s. Read More.