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The Travelettes Itinerary for Malaysia

If you are thinking about backpacking in South East Asia, chances are that you will eventually pass by Malaysia. This country is definitely one of my favorites in the region;. Read More.

Exchange Programs: A perfect introduction to the Travelette lifestyle

When I tell people that I was still a teenager the first time I set foot abroad on my own, I get all kinds of reactions, from amazement to disapproval.. Read More.

Travelettes Christmas Calendar Day 12: G-Rough in Rome, Italy

A EUR400 voucher for Red Rooster goes to Ines! Congratulations! We are already half-way through our Christmas Calendar and time is flying! One more reason not to miss a chance. Read More.

The Travelettes Itinerary for Tajikistan

“Afghanistan?” the man at the airport check-in desk screamed at me as if I was completely crazy; “No, but close, Tajikistan” I answered with a big smile, as if I. Read More.

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Couch Surfing

At the very beginning of 2015, I undertook the trip I had always dreamed of. I boarded a plane in Paris on December 31st and spent New Year’s Eve crossing. Read More.

The Travelettes Guide to Marseille

“You’re from France? Oh, I love Paris!” – I stopped counting the number of times I’ve heard this sentence since I started traveling. Going abroad makes you realize how we. Read More.

Top 10 places to visit in the Balkans

I have never been especially proud to be French, but I always felt particularly lucky to be European. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty cool to be able to hop on. Read More.

The Travelettes Itinerary for Brazil

Of all the places in South America I was willing to fly to, Brazil was definitely on the top of the list. I had always been attracted to its original. Read More.

The Travelettes Itinerary for Iran

When I first told my family and friends that I was planning on backpacking for a month on my own in Iran, they looked at me like I was a. Read More.