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10 Amazing Group Tour Adventures

I love group travel. There, I said it. While I am also an innate solo traveler, I had some of my best trips with a group. It started a few. Read More.

Travelettes Christmas Calendar – Day 21: A weekend in Zurich

Congratulations Annabelle! You won day 20 and are going to Morocco on an epic 8-day adventure with Travel Talk Tours! Need a weekend getaway and can’t decide where to go?. Read More.

10 Scary Places to visit on Halloween

Halloween is upon us and whether you like it for proper trick-or-treating or to indulge in candy you bought all on your own, it is a favorite holiday for many.. Read More.

10 Traveletty Island Essentials

Whether your choice of entertainment is The Blue Lagoon, Survivor or a good old travel classic like The Beach, we have all dreamed of being stranded on a deserted island. Read More.

Japamala Resorts – Baby sharks in paradise

A proper island getaway will require from you to put some work and effort into getting there: paddle on a raft if we believe Survivor, survive a plane crash according. Read More.

Hotels we love: Ekies – All Senses Resort, Halkidiki

When I got invited to Greece in June I was most excited that we were planning a beach day in addition to exploring Thessaloniki. Crystal clear water that is bluer. Read More.

The Travelettes Guide to Diving

Hi, my name is Annika and I am an addict. Unfortunately, the place I am staying at right now has signs all over the place saying ‘Fuel your addiction’. So. Read More.

The Travelettes Guide to modern Marrakech

I love Marrakech. So much in fact that I have written love letters to the city and have vowed to be there at least once a year to satisfy my. Read More.

10 Ways to do Summer right

Today I want to talk about the weather. Not something I usually do unless I’m getting sucked into awkward small talk or I’m cold. Which, truth to be told, I. Read More.

10 signs you’ve just had a South East Asian holiday

So, you went to South East Asia? And once the holidays are over you try to hold on to the last rays of sunshine in your mind, whether you are. Read More.