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10 Tips to Improve your Travel Photography

Before we begin talking about tips to improve your travel photography, it’s important you understand what travel photography is. In the simplest terms, travel photography is about creating a sense. Read More.

Traveletting on the Trans-Mongolian Railway

Moments pass like a blur through the scratched window of my airport taxi. Communist tower blocks, Russian lettering, illuminating lights at the street side, and then blackness as far as. Read More.

10 Reasons Why It’s Time to Go Back to Nepal

Each of us has a country we’ve visited which did a little more than just steal our hearts. For me, Nepal goes deeper than any other country. Maybe it’s something. Read More.

Solo Female Travel in Morocco: Should I Go Alone?

It was early evening when my EasyJet flight from London arrived in Fez airport. I remember the pink glow from the sky as I walked onto the tarmac, the smell. Read More.

How to Spend 10 Days in Morocco

Morocco is one of the most intoxicating destinations on earth. It’s bold, bright, colourful and unapologetically chaotic. It’s also only a stones throw away from Europe and is easily the. Read More.

How to Spend One Month in Northern India

India can often be an intimidating place, especially for first time travellers. I’ve travelled extensively around the country, and I can honestly tell you not to be afraid! Sure, India. Read More.

15 Things you must do in Goa, India

When you think of India’s beaches, you think of Goa! And they really do not disappoint. Long stretches of golden sands, emerald oceans and all fringed by picture perfect coconut. Read More.

Travelettes Christmas Calendar Day 17: Hotel Geniesserhotel Die Forelle, Austria

Congratulations Lamesha for convincing us, that you really do deserve that 2-day retreat at Haidl-Madl we had in door 16 yesterday. Well done, you! It’s getting closer and closer to. Read More.

Travelettes Christmas Calender: Day 9 – Grande Centre Point Ratchdamri, Bangkok

The winner of yesterday’s Freitag Voyager backpack is Ashlee! Congratulations!! We’re 9 days into our Christmas calendar and we’ve given you the opportunity to win lots of amazing goodies from. Read More.

A Travelettes Itinerary for Myanmar

Nestled between India and Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) was once a bit of a mystery for travellers, notoriously difficult to enter and largely closed off to the west. However, in recent. Read More.