I used to cringe at the words all-inclusive and retreat. They rendered images in my mind of souvenir-filled cruise ship passengers and mid-day Mexican mai-tais. I imagined all-inclusive retreats to be selling myself short, or copping out of the true travel experience. But, the words have evolved in the travel industry and now expand to all variations of experiences that truly are life changing, soul-sizzling, and most definitely not a cop-out to a true travel experience. Whether you are looking for a spiritual experience, want to dip your toes into true nature, learn coding skills on the beaches of Bali, or dive into the bright blue waters of Havasupai for a yoga experience deep in the crevices of the Grand Canyon, these retreats will nourish your mind, soul, and they ALL incorporate yoga, what could be better?

4 Mind-Nourishing Retreats to Book right now

1) Digital Education Retreat: Learn to design websites and code in paradise

There are many coding academies popping up all over Austin, and in cities across the world as DIY websites, SEO, design, and digital marketing become key skills for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners to learn. This need to be fluent in an entirely new coding language is imminent, yet, coming from firsthand experience, it can be overwhelming learning the differences between Javascript and HTML, and how the hell to create a website that is easily navigable. Thankfully, The Institute of Code has you covered with a 10-day all-inclusive digital education retreat where you get to immerse yourself in either a web development of digital marketing boot camp. Tina May and her team have created an accelerated environment for learning and development (with huge perks like pool-side studying, yoga, and weekend adventures through the Balinese rainforests, surf, or explore).
The next Web Development immersive starts on May 4th, here is a schedule of all upcoming dates this summer.

Saying goodbye is always hard, and after our last student left today we needed a little something to soothing the sting… Cocktails & oysters @salumeria.asia in Canggu seems like exactly what we need. Anyone else feeling a bit of Monday blues?

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Some of the best learning moments are when our students are working together to solve a problem… They are always surprised at how much they actually enjoy coding, and the satisfaction that comes when you finally solve a bug or finish an element of your site and see it come to life on your screen.

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2) Surf Retreat: Conquer your fears and ride the waves

Let’s face it, like most things in life, surfing is way harder than it looks. There is nothing more mind-nourishing or blood-pumping than hopping on a board in some of the best ocean breaks in the world. A surf retreat is a perfect place to get specialized coaching sessions, and is great for long time surfers or first-timers. I first found out about Rapture Camps through Rachel Jones // Hippie in Heels, as her turquoise-blue water pictures and shots of her riding the waves were extremely enticing. I went down the Instagram wormhole for Rapture Camps and discovered they offer three different locations (Bali, Nicaragua, and Portugal). What could be better than waking up on the beach and being escorted by your surf guide to some of the best breaks in the world? They offer surf school instruction, free breakfast, many different room options, and a communal-style dinner Mon-Fri to meet and hang out with all your fellow surfer mates.

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3) A Yoga retreat with a twist

The ladies at Yoga For Bad People (YFBP) host retreats in some of the most breathtaking places in the world – think yoga sessions on the beachside near Havana followed by a Havana mojito or Cuban cigar. They take the word balance to its fullest and love to pair yoga with living free (even if that means getting into a bit of trouble). As a yoga teacher myself, I know many of my friends can be turned off or intimidated by what a true ‘yogi’ embodies, and the truth is yogis are normal people just like you. This dedication to making yoga more approachable and exciting is the mission of YFBP as they combine traditional yoga with several layers of fun. Picture jamming to Kid Cudi or Lady Gaga during your downward facing dog – they promise you it won’t be boring. Check out some of the latest retreats coming up this year – I particularly have my eye on the Lagos, Portugal trip in July.

A little inspiration from our friend @marivferrari in Brazil, where summer is kickin’, sun is out, water is warm, people are moving about. Plan something to look forward to on those cold days. Let the sun kiss your worries away for a minute. Come with us March 20-27th to our original YFBP home, Praia do Rosa, in the south near Floripa. Yoga and meditation daily, incredible vegetarian food with brazilian specialties, surf, hiking, sandboarding, beaching, acai-ing, samba, and more. Link in bio for more details. @katcollayoga @katelinsisson

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these two beauties @madamepowers & @jen_thehen lining up their vrksasana perfectly in tulum ?? #yfbp #friendseverywhere #everyonesinvited

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4) Havasupai Falls Adventure Retreat

Havasupai Falls is one of the most magical places on earth; this waterhole oasis is located 11 miles into the Arizona desert interior, and lies at the base of the Grand Canyon as it gushes the brightest blues over its hundreds of expansive waterways and waterfalls. Granogi is a tour company that takes the stress out of planning your Havasupai trip, and they lead 4-day all-inclusive camping adventures of hiking, meditation, exploring, healthy living, and offer an insight into the history of the Supai Nation locals themselves.

Imagine doing morning sun salutations beside the turquoise waters of Havasu Falls, traversing down 100-ft rope ladders, camping underneath a blanket of Grand Canyons stars, and taking 4 days to completely unplug and explore the unbelievable wilderness ar0und you. Open your eyes and enter the Granogi Havasupai Falls retreat. Havasupai Falls is truly one of my favorite places on earth, and I am counting down the days until I get to experience a Granogi retreat.

Working together we can accomplish something amazing! We hope you are Having an amazing week ??? #granogi Visit us @ www.granogi.com ? click the link in our bio for more event info #havasupai #tigaboSupai #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #adventure #hiking #yogaretreat #wellness #adventuretime #waterfall#granogi #summer #wonderlust #beautiful #nakedplanet #yoga#fitnesslifestyle #change#camp#outdoors#photography #nature#beautifuldestinations #camping#fitness#havasupaifalls photo taken by @falllenskies

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Come experience Havasupai with us!?We have 18 trips planned to Havasupai starting in April. Limited Spots get your tickets now by clicking the link in our bio ?Photo by @falllenskies ?#havasupaifalls #havasupai #instagram#bevisuallyinspired#adventurerthatislife#wanderout#welivetoexplore#artofvisuals#thevisualcollective#folkmagazine#optoutside#keepitwild#wildernessculture#theoutbound#camping#feedbacknation#ourlonlyplanet#getoutstayout#theglobewanderer#doitall#TakeMeCamping#liveyouradventure#beautifuldestinations#adventureanywhere#yogaretreat#granogi #granogilife #wowaz#nature#love

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These are just a few ideas to jumpstart your Pinterest/bucket list of mind-nourishing retreats all over the world. Sometimes it just feels good to have someone else take control of the travel reins, and it is a good change of pace for more seasoned travelers to give up a bit of control. See what type of mind, body, and soul nourishment occurs when you put yourself out of your comfort zone and into one of these retreats.

Have you ever been on an all-inclusive retreat? Let me know all the ones I need to add to this list in the comments below!