Posted on 18 October 2011

Spearfishing – is fishing with harpoons and underwater instruments. Freediving – is diving with a way of holding the breath, in which divers descend to the depths, so to speak, in one breath, without masks or other breathing apparatus. The best free-divers can hold their breath for 5 minutes and go down deeper than 30 meters. The combination of these two skills results in a real “adrenaline leap”, to which only the boldest dare. All photos in this post have also been made by divers , who dived into the water without a mask and tubing.

“Blood in the Water” Spearfishing is a type of hunting done with underwater guns, harpoons and strong line. Freediving is a type of breath-hold diving in which divers descend for the duration of one breath, without any SCUBA tanks or any breathing apparatus. The best freedivers can hold their breath for over five minutes and go deeper than 100 feet. The combination of both these skills makes a high adrenaline sport done by only a few brave souls…THIS IMAGE – Ren Chapman prepares for a dive with a loaded and ready speargun while another diver rests, holding onto a dive-line to stay in position against the current.  “Blood in the water – Predive”

Kelsey Albert “brains” a hogfish after spearing it while freediving and spearfishing, as a bait-ball of smaller fish sweep in, looking for leftover scraps of meat. Often after a fish is shot and captured, the hunter will stab it in the head to make sure the animal is dead. “Blood in the Water – Hogfish”

DJ Struntz wrestles a large Grouper he shot into a waiting boat. Groupers are a skittish fish,  dwelling on the bottom of the sea-floor, so divers must descend deep and stalk them slowly.

Kenneth Kelly “brains” a barracuda after spearing it while freediving and spearfishing off the coast of North Carolina. He was competing in a spearfishing tournament when this catch was made. Often after a fish is shot and captured, the hunter will stab it in the head to make sure the animal is dead. Via pdnonline .

3 Responses to “Spearfishing”

  1. sarah says:

    wow. the last one was a /barraccuda/. i wouldn’t even be willing to get into the water with a barraccuda around, let alone try to spear it.

  2. Big Softy says:

    I’ve swum with barracuda a few times, no biggie.
    But with blood in the water, I’d be more worried about sharks.

  3. Chris says:

    What’s the point of spearing the barracuda? All the other fish caught; grouper, wahoo and hogfish are all good eating fish. You can’t eat the barracuda because of the risk of cigutera poisoning. So basically you are wasting the fish.

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