Paintings Recreated in Vegetable Mosaics

Posted on 05 June 2010

Vegetables and other plants seems to be very good material for creating amazing mosaics. Chinese artist Ju Duoqi has discovered possibilities of plant mosaics and she managed to successfully recreate some of the classic masterpieces of painting art like Van Gogh’s portrait, Mona Lisa etc.


Ju Duoki started to involve herself in vegetable art four years ago when she made very basic steps. From that time she managed to develop different techniques of proper plant-cutting and preserving. Source :

Ju-Duoqi-vegetable-art3 []

Ju-Duoqi-vegetable-art2 []

Ju-Duoqi-vegetable-art4 []

Ju-Duoqi-vegetable-art5 []

Ju-Duoqi-vegetable-art6 []

Ju-Duoqi-vegetable-art7 []

Ju-Duoqi-vegetable-art8 []

Ju-Duoqi-vegetable-art9 []

Ju-Duoqi-vegetable-art10 []

via ParisBeijing Photo Gallery

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