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Paintings Out of Boundaries by Ben Heine

Posted on 23 May 2010

Painting is nice way to create some artworks, but, in today’s world, it is hard to be unique and to find the own way in art so, even painters have to try some alternatives in order to create unique art. However, finding ‘alternative’ way in art is not so easy job and maybe, it is even harder than trying to fit in already established boundaries of some ways of doing art.


Belgian artist Ben Heine is one of those artists who obviously like to put his artworks out of boundaries. As you can see from following photos, his artworks are the fusion of perfect painting and perfect placement and all that needs to be photographed from a perfect angle. It sounds pretty difficult to place all the things in right place but it seems that Ben Haine has no problems with that.

The following photos are showing his latest project called Pencil vs Camera. Visit author site for more artworks .

Thanks to : Ben Heine

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