Don’t Drop Your Old Books, You Could Make Some Masterpieces of Them

Posted on 26 April 2010

You have an old used book and you plan to drop it in garbage? Well, after reading this post you might change your mind about that and try to make some cool paper-cut sculptures from its papers 🙂 . I always liked those books for kids with different sculptures and objects which would fold up when you open the book. Even when I grew up I was always fascinated with such kind of books.


Su Blackwell realized that she actually could create some artworks in a similar way. Those are not the books which are made only for kids and those paper sculptures definitely do not fold up when you open them, but they are great examples that you can create a true artwork even from old used book.

Su has made some really amazing sculptures cut from books’ papers and we will show you here some of her most interesting artworks. Author site .












8 Responses to “Don’t Drop Your Old Books, You Could Make Some Masterpieces of Them”

  1. Daniel says:

    So awesome.

  2. Dan says:

    “You have an old used book and you plan to drop it in garbage?”

    Then kill yourself.

  3. danni says:

    these are AMAZING!
    i want to do one

  4. BLAH says:

    who wants to bet meth was involved…

  5. Austin says:

    It should be a crime to destroy a book. Books are a lasting repository of human knowledge. It’s impossible for us to tell what might be valuable to future generations.
    At the very least you should donate old books to the library or a charity, even a prison.
    These sculptures are very nice, but this is a waste.

  6. Cam says:

    don’t throw away your old books, donate them to your local book bank/Goodwill/Salvation Army

  7. Justin says:

    Call me old fashioned, but you know a lot of places would be VERY happy to have you donate your used books… Including (homeless/women’s/etc) shelters, any work training places (some people learn to read later in life) and a number of libraries that are seeing their funding cut (ditto schools), prisons, churches… etc.

    For those more financially motivated, you can write off donations on your taxes in at least the US. Please don’t throw away books (re-purposing them to art is not AS bad, but they are still being destroyed which rubs me the wrong way 😉 )

  8. julia says:

    lighten up all of you left-brainers, glass-half-empty people!
    these are incredible pieces of art….definitely gallery-worthy for “book exbits”.
    look at it as recycling instead of wasting….
    kudos to the artist.

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