Solar Powered Giant: 31m Long Ship Completely Powered by Solar Panels

Posted on 01 March 2010

Ok, we have seen a lot of solar-powered things and most of them are impressive and most of them are pretty efficient and they can serve their purpose. But, after seeing this giant that is powered by solar energy you will really be amazed. It is almost incredible to believe that this 31 meters long ship is completely powered by solar panels.


Solar panels which are fixed on the surface of the ship are producing up to 103.4 KW of electric energy and this ship needs only 20 KW to sail so there is enough electricity which can be accumulated for later use. The ship can reach a speed of 8 knots and its beautiful design and amazing features are telling me that we are going to see more of such things in future.






3 Responses to “Solar Powered Giant: 31m Long Ship Completely Powered by Solar Panels”

  1. e.gates says:

    im thrilled to see such a vessel. absolutely fantastic in its possibilities. sadly I am saddened by such incredibly poor detailing of the solar panel layout, of the detailing of the energy collection deck, of the absolutely poor visibility and terrible design of the boathouse.
    solar panels are inherently able to be molded to more than sheet of paper dimensions and are also able to be molded to 3 dimension contours and compound curves.
    This vessel is groundbreaking and worthy of applause….however just a few more details could have made it legendary and more efficient.

  2. Uncle B says:

    Completely Solar Powered – as in Free to run! Just wait until the greedy Corporatists find this out! Google Torrent the documentary movie “Who Stole the Electric Car” and see what the bastards did to the EV-1, the same GM(America) we bailed! Beware the Corporatists, the cancer of democracies, they lurk and pounce when least expected! They plot and plan against changes in the status quo, and they kill anything that threatens their “Bottom Line”!

  3. Wowsers says:

    8 knots is quite slow. Some of the extra energy could have been used for better performance.

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