Police kick the shit out of dudes laying on the ground (Video)

Posted on 24 March 2010

Video speaks for itself… stomping someone already detained and then kicking and kneeing someone who voluntarily went to the ground. Gifro

3 Responses to “Police kick the shit out of dudes laying on the ground (Video)”

  1. Fuc Tha Police says:

    Wow! How shocking. It is so unlike police to abuse their power like that. However from my perspective that fellow was clearly threatening the officers by lying on the ground like that and as such deserved to be severely beaten. I’m sure whomever filmed this event was probably ass whooped, tased then formaly charged soon after filming ceased.

  2. robin yates says:

    if a policeman tells you to lie on the floor, do so,,,,,,,,, argue and fight will get you a kicking

  3. mr.m says:

    that’s disgusting! those cops are a bunch of damn cowards! they beat on a person who c, an’t defend himself they are no better than the guys they are arresting.
    The problem is that there are to many pigs like that.

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