Who Says That Kitten And Parrot Can’t Be Friends?

Posted on 09 February 2010

Weird animal friendships are always interesting because there you can see a proof that the nature is not really cruel as we believe it is. It is amazing to watch a predator how it is refusing to eat an animal that is perfect catch for it and sometimes it decides to help or play with it.

Here is a beautiful example of such animal friendship where a little kitten plays with a parrot. Despite the fact that kitten is actually not old enough to be able to eat that parrot, you cannot see any sign of unfriendly acting there. They are just playing. I hope the things will remain same when that kitten grows.







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3 Responses to “Who Says That Kitten And Parrot Can’t Be Friends?”

  1. Allaiyah says:

    It’s very cute, but it would be best to call it a Parakeet. Traditional parrots are foul-tempered & dangerous to cats & fingers aline. My full-grown cats are afraid of even harmless birds.

  2. Simon says:

    Yes it is a type of Parrot but more specifically, it’s a Budgerigar.

  3. Julio says:

    I wonder what will happen when the little kitty becomes a lion…

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