Colorful Orange and Lemon Festival in Menton

Posted on 15 February 2010

Every year Menton is a place of holding the “Fete du Citron” carnival, also known as Lemon Festival. Thousands of lemons and their sisters oranges are used to build different creative sculptures and mosaics to celebrate this festival. Here you can see some of the amazing photos from preparation for this years Lemon Festival in Menton. The festival starts in February and will last for a few days. This festival attracts more than 200,000 people who are attending in carnival.


As you can see, every sculpture has some motive from movies and that is because this year’s theme of the festival is “Menton does cinema”.

Orange_02 []

Orange_01 []

Orange_03 []

Orange_04 []

Orange_06 []




orange_sculptures_017 []

orange_sculptures_018 []

orange_sculptures_019 []

orange_sculptures_021 []

2 Responses to “Colorful Orange and Lemon Festival in Menton”

  1. shaq says:

    In the first sentence the carnival referenced as “Fete du Citron” while clearly in the fist picture it is named “Fete des Citrons”

  2. sharon says:

    what happens to all these oranges and lemons???

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