The 10 Scariest Sea Monsters [PICS]

Posted on 25 January 2010

Spending your vacation on the beach and swimming in the sea is one of the best ways to enjoy your free time. Sea is nice and most of us love sea and its colorful life. You can find a plenty of incredibly beautiful sea creatures that will amaze you with their beauty and colorful look. But, from a time to time, you’ll find there some of those scary and very dangerous ‘sea monsters’.

Some of those have a really sharp teeth , some of them can kill you in a minute with their venom, and some of them just look like they came from a horror movies. You better watch yourself when one of those come on your way while you are in the sea.

sea monstersl (3)This fish lives at great depths, is known for its delicate body and huge razor-sharp teeth. “La Sabina”- a terrible predator (about 15 cm)- (GORDON AG-JONES)

sea monstersl (9)

Toothed and terrible anglerfish live in one of the worst places – at the bottom of the sea. (AFP / GETTY)

sea monstersl (2)Despite the size of golf balls, sinekolchaty octopus can really “prick”. Its venom is so powerful that it can kill a person, and there is no antidote from him. (JOHN TAYLOR)

sea monstersl (1)These terrible fish live in tropical and temperate cold waters – but, fortunately, you are unlikely to face to face with these fish because they live at depths of up to 5000 meters. (IAN JONES)

sea monsterslPowerful killer whales feed on fish, seals and even sharks.  (BARCROFT MEDIA)

sea monstersl (4)Once considered extinct, coelacanths already 400 million years. Her re-discovered in 1938. (AFP / GETTY)

sea monstersl (5)The most poisonous fish in the world – borodavchatka – master of disguise. It is ideally mixed with the sea floor. It does not attack, but if you step on it, and poison, this fish can paralyze or even kill you. (PA)

sea monstersl (6)Little is known about the mysterious giant squid that lives deep in the coal-black waters of the Pacific Ocean. Their mystique only grows stronger with legends of the great sailors tentacles, escaping from under the water and dig into the boats. In fact, these creatures grow up to 18 meters in length and weigh up to 900 kg. (AFP / GETTY)

sea monstersl (8)With a length of 1.5 meters and weight of 10 kg of red king crab can inspire the House in the lives of sea creatures. (PAUL GROVER)

sea monstersl (7)Sperm whale – the largest representative of the toothed whales. Adults grow to 18 meters in length. (AP)

9 Responses to “The 10 Scariest Sea Monsters [PICS]”

  1. Jim Jones says:

    While a bit cliche’, I’d have to throw the octopus in this mix. The tentacles give me nightmares…

  2. OK, so throw in the octopus and remove the so-called “killer whale”. The Orca, as it is properly called really is not very scary. There are hundreds of more dangerous creatures in the sea, including other whales, walruses, polar bears,jellyfish, eels, etc.

  3. fish says:

    That fish at the very top of this list is one ugly looking dude. That and the one with girl in the picture under the golf ball sized octopus. Oh man if i was swimming around and saw that thing man oh man would I loose it.

  4. adhi says:

    number 6 is coleacant isn’t it?

  5. Kyuki Yoshida says:

    I find these creatures extremely amazing, the coelacanth is my favorite, although I don’t see what is so scary about it, unlike the others which are either venomous, or will rip you to shreds, the coelacanth is neither. it is pretty harmless with hardly any teeth whatsoever and doesn’t look at all scary. And I think they need to take the orca out of there, it is neither scary or deadly, only being called the “killer whale” because it is one of the only species of marine life that will hunt sharks as prey, and only very few reports of them attacking humans for territorial reasons or because they are harming their young in some way, other than that, people pet and feed these all the time. So I think they should take him out and replace him with something more appropriate like a saw fish or a horseshoe crab or something.

  6. Leonard says:

    Extinct 400 Million Years? Coelanth. Just shows the miserable failings of the evolution theory. If Fossils are found Its because they were there just a few thousand years ago. Not millions of years!!

  7. Jordan says:

    they are scary i dont get the tiny yellow octopus the most poisanest octopus in the world is it yellow to show how poisan it is????

  8. Jordan says:


  9. lauren says:

    Last summer I was down at the beach and this women about 400 lbs wearing a much too small bathing suit was down there and I tell you…….she was much more scary then anything shown here !!

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