Top 5 Touch Screen Mobiles

Posted on 14 December 2009

Gone are the days when we used a mobile phone just to communicate. Today a mobile phone is more than that. More and more people are going for the best handsets with the best features and the one which serves as a fancy gadget too. Apart from many features that these latest mobiles offer, they can also click memorable photos, serve as an I-pod and also connect to internet. Now the latest trend is the touch screen revolution. Some of the leading companies that offer these stunning mobiles are Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Of these companies Nokia is said to be the leading company. Now let us take a look at the top 5 touch screen mobiles:

Nokia N97

The Nokia n 97 is a smart multimedia phone with touch screen technology. It comes with a slide-out Qwerty keypad. It has an excellent camera with photo sharing features. The camera is a 5 mega pixel camera and other features that are on offer are GPS, Wi-fi, HSDPA, stereo speakers, bluetooth and 48 GB memory. It is really an enviable handset that sets you apart from the crowd. This model looks elegant and sophisticated. It also delivers still pictures even when it is dark as it comes with the help of a flash.


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Samsung Omnia

Samsung is considered one among the leading players in the mobile industry. The Samsung omnia which comes with a touch screen interface is a stylish device that anyone can fall in love with. The touch screen is 3.2 inches large and the resolution is 240X400 pixels. Other features of this high tech business phone are huge internal memory, web access capabilities, Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, 3G network, high quality camera, user friendly media player and pocket office function. This model also features video telephoning. It also has the windows mobile platform which means that you can now run more applications on this model. Its full touch based interface provides easy access to applications like today screen, call log, camera, launcher and touch player. The hand set which weighs 122 gram, can really impress anybody. The battery comes with a talk time of 5.8 hours and stand by time of 500 hours. The Samsung Omnia hopes to grab the major share in the market with its stunning features. Omnia in Latin means everything.


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HTC Diamond

This phone looks sleek and chiseled. It doesn’t come with a qwerty keyboard. This is the reason why it weighs less. The touch screen which is 3.2 inches is very sensitive and the interface is enhanced and the operating system had been upgraded. The camera is of 3.2 mega pixels, and other features include wi-fi and HSDPA. Though the screen size is smaller than many of its competitors, it still rocks. Also comes with Bluetooth and GPS. The HTC Diamond also features TouchFlo 3D with which you can flip files and icons with 3D feel. It also has a mini usb and audio output. The battery life is 330 minutes of talk time and stand by time is of 280 hours. The internal memory is of 4 gb and has Fm radio. It runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system.


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Blackberry 9630

This offers world roaming services and GPS, blue tooth and 3.2 mega pixel camera. This is a smart device with great design and a sharp display. The performance is fast and has a design that wins hearts. It has a user friendly QWERTY keyboard which is compact and also comes with an automatic spelling check. It is a good choice for business users. The blackberry with all its features became a tough challenge to its competitors. The previous versions of blackberry with more of business e-mailing and less of entertainment took a backseat after this new version hit the market. Now it is also an entertainment gadget.


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Sony Ericsson Satio

This model from Sony Ericsson comes with a 3.5 inch touch screen. Its camera is a 12 mega pixel camera with intuitive touch focus and image stabilizer. Other features include face detection, Xenon flash, smile detection, geo tagging, GPS, Wi-Fi and HSPDA. The internal memory is 128 MB. It comes in black, silver and Bordeaux colors and weighs 126 grams. It also has a TV out, USB and Bluetooth connectivity. It is a nice gadget to acquire and is a better one from Sony Ericsson compared to its other models.


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An integral part of life

These new next generation mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. They offer the best features and quite often newer features are included. Today a mobile phone is good companion when a person is alone. It is not just a tool to talk to someone else but one can also listen to music, surf the internet, take pictures or watch stored videos or images. What not? It has almost become an equivalent of a lap top. The next side of the story is that it has almost become a symbol of status. Having the most expensive mobile with latest technology almost boosts confidence and also works like an ornament.

Every day newer inventions in features and the technology of mobile phones have paved way to a revolution. It is almost a break-through that has made the world a global village. It keeps us connected with the world wherever we are and we never feel alone with it. This way mobile phones are more than what they are in our lives.

9 Responses to “Top 5 Touch Screen Mobiles”

  1. Kyle says:

    Oh, and not to mention most of the devices in this list are already outdated. Not a single Android device was mentioned, nor any newer Windows Mobile phones, the Storm 2, etc.

  2. Kimvais says:

    I can’t believe you did not list N900 nor any android device here…

  3. AllanM88 says:

    I don’t know…I’m pretty happy with my new iPhone 3GS. Smooth OS, great apps, fast…the low camera resolution (and no flash) is probably it’s only downside.

  4. Lisa says:

    What about the iPhone? I don’t have the 3GS, but I loooove my 3G. Best phone ever!

  5. 360by2 says:

    My Vote goes to iphone.. it fully loaded with features.. see here

  6. arul says:

    Its talked abt latest touch phones and the information is not quite latest and its very ‘late’creating no lust!

  7. arul says:

    Its talked abt latest touch phones and the information is not quite latest and its very ‘late’ creating no lust!

  8. CC says:

    Blackberry 9630 is definitely not a touch screen.

  9. Marriane says:

    Dear Nokia,

    Hi! I am Marriane and own a brand new N97. To tell you the truth this is my dream unit. But sadly it seems to be the wrong choice. In fact I am so so so dissappointed with your product. Let me tell you my story.

    I am working here at SunPower Sta. Rosa. As a member of our cooperative team I am entitled to avail its promos and stuff. One of its recent programs is availment of cellphone units via coop governance. I immediately availed their promo seeing that N97 unit is available. I paid what is needed to be paid on our Cooperative to avail the unit in pronto. I received my first unit (take note 1st) last Jan. 15 (IMIE No. 356064032215325). As my shift is from 2am-11am, I already have called our phone distributor that my phone already have hanged (phone turned to white screen and would not shutdown) during my shift that night. They have taken my phone the day itself (which leaves me phoneless starting from that day) and have it replaced last Jan. 20. I indeed have received my new unit (IMEI 358226038670328) this time the phone kit doesn’t have any stylus. What they told me is that there are two kinds of packaging for N97. I dismissed this my doubt and feeling of unfairness and even asked the supplier to send me a N97 stylus which take note I have to pay for an extra Php 250.00. I didn’t mind the cost, what is that compared to the money I already paid for the unit right? But during my shift that night, the new phone has hanged again, only this time I couldn’t turn it on. I again reported the said event on the 20th first thing in the morning. As for my inconvenience our supplier have temporarily given me a Nokia service unit that I can use while still waiting for my new phone. I received my new phone (IMEI: 358226031225187) only last Feb. 4. I am happy for a few days since the phone is working properly. But then again I was wrong, Feb. 6, I was out with my friends and after like 20 pictures taken I noticed that my camera (1) phone would have a blurred image (meaning 3/4 of each picture taken with the use of the flash is white and only a little piece of the picture can be literally seen). You could just imagine what I felt that night. I have bought this unit because one of its features is having a dual camera and a flash to top it all off. Since being just angry would not solve anything, what I did is I have brought my unit to Batangas City Care Center for repair last Feb.9. Mind you this takes a lot of effort since I have to go there after my shift and the travel to go back and forth is under my own expense. As a sign of good customer service they have provided me a service unit (1100) until my phone is repaired. I have received my phone just recently, Feb. 17. I am so happy to tell you the truth that finally I have a good working phone. That’s what I thought. Just a day after, Feb. 18 the battery won’t charge. You can just imagine the frustration and disappointment building in me. I have contacted my supplier and they have replaced the battery which I received the other day, Feb.22. I tried to charge the unit using the main charger and guess what?! The charger won’t work!!! I am forced to charge my phone via the converter (wherein you can plug-in other nokia charger). Even with the problems arising I still even bought it a leather case to protect my unit which cost almost Php 1,000.00. Still it’s a working unit I said to myself so I disregard that fact that it had cause me a lot of trouble already. BUT I GUESS THE SAYING HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF is so true, that is to say, I am just fortunate to use my unit for half day. Why halfday? Just last Feb. 23 my unit HANGED AGAIN! WHITE SCREEN AND WOULDNT CONTINUE TO TURN ON AND WOULDNT TURN OF!!!! WTF!!!! PLEASE EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE BUT THIS IS JUST A LITTLE BIT OF WHAT I REALLY FEEL!!!! WHEN WILL I HAVE A UNIT THAT WOULD REALLY WORK??? WHEN WILL I HAVE MY MONEY’S WORTH??? AND NOW THEY ARE TELLING ME THAT THE ONLY THING I COULD DO SO FAR IS TO BRING IT TO ANOTHER CARE CENTER, WHICH MEANS A LOT OF EFFORT AND MONEY ON MY END AGAIN!!! TO TELL YOU GUYS THE TRUTH I AM SO SICK OF THIS!!!!

    I already have called 886-1234 and was able to talk to Lucy (CSR) regarding all of this. She gave me a reference number 1-10834333414 for the call that I have made yesterday (Feb. 24). What I want is a good and fully working unit since honestly this should be one of your high-end products!!! and I didnt just paid it for P1.00.. This is not a cheap unit!!!! and I am beyond being frustrated!!!!

    With the circumstances that I have been through I believe that I have the right to demand somebody on your end to get back on me about this. Since I am not a bum, I would have the opportunity to bring the unit down to MOA only last Feb. 25. During the problematic days I was pushed to borrow a phone from our helper. See the trouble and pain your unit is causing me? And take note during the same day they have re programmed my cellphone and guess what?! The slightest touch with the unit would stop it charging!!!! Another problem existed just seconds while the other one is still being fixed!!!! This is simply absurd!!!!

    I have already sent an e-mail to your Nokia website saying all of this. But I am sending this again to make sure.

    Also I printed out this e-mail with attached photocopies of my receipts and other documents as proof of the story I have discussed. Which the MOA Nokia Supervisor received to make sure all my problems are given enough attention.

    I received a good reception from MOA in fairness BUT JUST RECENTLY AN UPDATE YESTERDAY FROM THIS BRANCH HAD MADE ME BURST INTO RAGE!!! I AM VERY ANGRY with what I just heard from Fred, Director of Nokia MOA. As per Fred he was instructed by Nokia that the only thing you would do for me is to replace the unit!!! He keeps on repeating that that is all that you can do! THAT IS UNFAIR!!! Of course I clearly deserve this!!! I paid a lot for it!!! Making sure this is brand new to avoid the hassle of having all possible defects! but this is not the on-going scenario!!! I deserve a working unit, a good one! Anyone in my shoes would feel uneasy and clear unfairness with a unit that you have paid for with so much wouldn’t show a good quality after just a few hours (the longest is days), you would easily deduced that the unit is no good and of course this should be replaced. That’s what we customer deserves! So does it mean that everytime this happens all I can do is to bring back the unit again and again in your care centers where you will just keep on repairing or replacing it? SO WHAT KIND OF A PRODUCT THIS IS? WHERE IS THE CONVENIENCE IN MY PART PLAYS HERE?!!! WHEN WILL THIS END? WHAT IS MY ASSURANCE THAT THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN YET AGAIN IN THE NEW UNIT YOUR COMPANY WILL PROVIDE? HOW ABOUT MY EFFORTS, TIME, AND MONEY THAT WAS CLEARLY WASTED BY GOING THROUGH THIS CONTINUOUS AND NUMEROUS HASSLES? THIS WOULD NOT BE COMPENSATED?! WHAT KIND OF A SYSTEM THIS IS??? WHAT KIND OF A CUSTOMER SERVICE THIS IS??? WHAT KIND OF A COMPANY NOKIA IS???

    I am demanding once again to have somebody on your end get back on me. This is not a threat but I believe this is just, if I’m not satisfied with the way you guys would turn this around for me. I will definitely report you to DTI.

    I already have given all my contact information to several of your people. Just in case you may need it just send me a message.

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