Giant Black Dog as Big as a Horse

Posted on 23 December 2009

It is nice to have cute little kitten or doggy for a pet. It’s also nice to have some regular sized dog. But look at this dog, it is almost as big as a horse! Well, there are some people who have horses for a pets but they don’t keep them in their homes.

This ‘doggy’ has really friendly face but It’s size is terrifying. Yet, his owner doesn’t have a problem with that. They look like they have great and sincere friendship.





Via: Incredible-features and barcroftmedia

7 Responses to “Giant Black Dog as Big as a Horse”

  1. Sal says:

    Shopped, believe me Ive seen some shops in my time

  2. jdizzle says:

    i can tell from the pixels as well that its chopped

  3. bcole says:

    not shopped i have a great dane that size they are big *** lap dogs

  4. Philbop says:

    Not shopped, but it is very misleading. It’s done with a wide angle lens. That’s why the dude’s legs look huge in the first photo too. It’s a big dog, but it’s not nearly as big as that first photo shows.

  5. panther says:

    This isn’t the biggest dog ever breeded. Irish Wolfhounds can get taller than this dog.

  6. Frank says:

    Yeah, these photos are deceptive, but you can estimate the dogs real size pretty easily – just look at the first photo. The dogs front legs are straight, as are the man’s shins. If the man stood up his thighs would be about as long as his shins, so just put a finger or something over the picture and then move it up to estimate an equal height again… You can clearly see that this dogs shoulders is about mid to upper thigh, and his head is about upper ass height, or stomach height. Which is a big dog, but not anywhere near horse size, nor even the biggest ever or anything like that… just a normal large sized dog.

    So, get a grip. Although it is hilarious to see how many people who spot and ignore photoshops on a daily basis are taken in by a simple camera trick.

  7. Shanna says:

    This is actually now the new amd current “Guiness World Record Dog”… he IS huge…and yes the angles of the pictures can make him look even larger…but since Gibson died, this dog is now tops in size. Also, the dog’s color is called “Blue” which is what some breeds have named this steel-blue, gun metal gray color.

    Here’s a news report about him, his name is George.

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