Amazing Photos Of Abandoned Village Houses

Posted on 15 December 2009

When you build your very new house you’re happy and you enjoy to live there. Last thing that you have in your mind is how it will look when you’re gone.There is something sad in any abandoned house I have seen, they are reminder of someone’s past and reminder that someone is gone.

Here are some photos of abandoned village houses. As you can see most of them looked very good in past and most of them are still in good shape but now they’re abandoned.

Some of them lie there and wait for someone to bring happiness in them and other are waiting to live their very latest moments.

Abandoned House Derelict Trinidad


Abandoned house in Dorchester County, Maryland

Credit: wortenoggle

Credit: wortenoggle

Abandoned building near Ringgold, NE

Credit: justice42

Credit: justice42

Abandoned maternity hospital in Abkhasia



Abandoned building in Wellsville, Ohio

Credit: scottamus

Credit: scottamus

Abandoned building in Flora, Oregon

Credit: oldpartsman1Credit: oldpartsman1

Abandoned house in the Ohio River town of Duffy, in Monroe county

Credit: scottamusCredit: scottamus

Abandoned house on a hillside in Crooksville, Ohio, in Perry County

Credit: scottamusCredit: scottamus

Adandoned house in Calanais area, Scotland

Credit: Stuart HerbertCredit: Stuart Herbert

Abandoned old house near Chamois Missouri

Credit: Uncle PhooeyCredit: Uncle Phooey

Abandoned farm house near Missouri river

Credit: Uncle PhooeyCredit: Uncle Phooey

Abandoned house in Iowa

Credit: tigersharky80Credit: tigersharky80

Abandoned farm house close to Jefferson City

Credit: Uncle PhooeyCredit: Uncle Phooey

Abandoned building in Michigan

Credit: Taylor BamrickCredit: Taylor Bamrick

Abandoned House in Pirna (Sonnenstein), Germany.

Credit: kgreipelCredit: kgreipel

An abandoned house in the Owens Valle on the way from Los Angeles to Mammoth, CA

Credit: rockinbeatCredit: rockinbeat

Abandoned house in Indiana

Credit: cindy47452Credit: cindy47452

Abandoned house in Bosler, Wyoming

Credit: shootin foolCredit: shootin fool

Abandoned farm house in southern Saskatchewan

Credit: dmnaz1Credit: dmnaz1

An abandoned farm on Rte 676 in Washington County, Ohio

Credit: WVJazzmanCredit: WVJazzman

A old boarded up abandoned farm house from the 1800’s

Credit: avilon_musicCredit: avilon_music

Abandoned Farm at Aragon and Sewell Roads

Credit: Lisa GoldenCredit: Lisa Golden

Abandoned house near Sleeper Missouri in rural Laclede county

Credit: Uncle PhooeyCredit: Uncle Phooey

Old country store in Denlow Missouri

Credit: Uncle PhooeyCredit: Uncle Phooey

An old homestead west of Seymour Missouri.

Credit: Uncle PhooeyCredit: Uncle Phooey

Old Dawt Mill in Ozark county Missouri

Credit: Uncle PhooeyCredit: Uncle Phooey

Abandoned house on the outskirts of Greenfield, Ohio

Credit: scottamusCredit: scottamus

10 Responses to “Amazing Photos Of Abandoned Village Houses”

  1. Ross says:

    As a retired guy now in Missouri, I travel the country side to see just the type of things you have posted here..

    Well done…Thank you..

  2. McLaughlin says:

    I was raised in Youngstown Ohio, which used to have a population of about 130,000. Most of the city is now abandoned and I could make a website about an entire forgotten city with just Y-town pictures.

  3. John says:

    Number 6 from the top – the Church, it’s very similar to one featured near the end of the movie ‘The Rock’

  4. Kate says:

    Abandoned farmhouses and barns are one of my favorite things to shoot. Thanks for sharing some great and inspiring photos!

  5. Erika says:

    you can see many of these buildings were large and beautiful at one point. why would anyone not want to live in them?

  6. Brittany says:

    There’s something so melancholic yet majestic about an abandoned home or building. The disintegration of the roof shingles is such a powerful visual. I absolutely love the beautiful house near Sleeper Missouri and the one in Chamois Missouri. Great list!

  7. I see some of the homes near the Missouri are probably deserted due to the massive floods in 93-94. Some are/were beautiful prior to the devastation left by the flood. Alas rock built I do not think you can pick up and move.

    Thanks for this I love old homes and barns.

  8. B says:

    After just moving to Cleveland, I was wondering why there were so many Ohio places. YTown is really another world! Enjoyed the pics, thx.

  9. jacob calles says:

    dang.. uncle phooey doesnt mess around with his photography. its diggity dang beautiful.. i will promptly look for some of this photos for sale now if its available..

  10. “As you can see most of them looked very good in past and most of them are still in good shape but now they’re abandoned.”

    Hmmm…. I don’t know that I’d agree with this assessment. Much as I love the look of abandoned buildings & the way they speak to one’s soul (& much as I admire the splendid photographs here of those houses), I’m not likely to want to live in buildings that are in a state of dilapidation.

    When the roof goes, the rest of the building will follow more or less in short order.

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